From the Headmasters of the IMAS

Greetings to the Founding Members of the IMAS Family,

When Sensei Pete announced that the Independent Karate School of Nashua was closing after 40 years, we were heartbroken.  That feeling was short-lived, for one of the core tenets of the martial arts is perseverance.  After evaluating all our options and focusing on what is best for our youth, adults, and families, we decided to open a school of our own based upon everything we’ve learned in the last forty years.


It would have been very easy to walk away, to rest on past achievements. But martial arts like us do not do the easy thing, they do the right thing.  You stood up to preserve the family and culture we grew up in.  Where the IKS has been family to us all, the Independent Martial Arts School must grow into a steadfast, loyal, and welcoming place where you and new students of Kenpo can grow, train, and develop as we did in the IKS.


From the Headmasters of the IMAS, thank you.  Make no mistake - it is thanks to your support that we are able to move forward.  It is people like you who light a candle instead of cursing the darkness.  We would not be here but for you. 


With the deepest gratitude,

Hanshi Christopher Marsh

Kyoshi Adam Burpee

Kyoshi Michael Susalka

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