Guest Blog - Journey Into the Future

Written on August 31st, the last day of the IKS.

For over two decades, I have been a student of the Independent Karate School in Nashua, NH. Today, I participated in the last classes of the school under that name. In my 23 years of study, I have learned how to punch, block, and kick; of course, but I've grown in innumerable other ways through the school. I have gained confidence, I have learned how to carry myself, and I've learned the meditative value of a hard workout.

Today, I am a better person for the lessons I learned at this school. I can genuinely say that every time I leave the dojo, I am stronger for it. I still have much to learn, but this much I know: The Independent Martial Arts School teaches lessons that last a lifetime and that will help you grow, not just as a child but through life.

I look forward to a bright future with some brilliant instructors as we begin the journey of IMAS together.

Thank you to the headmasters, instructors, and most of all the students of the IMAS. I look forward to our journey into the future.

~Josh Edwards

Sandan - Independent Martial Arts School

Josh Edwards