The Torch Is Passed


I am opening this blog post as the Hanshi and Headmaster of the Independent Karate School.  I will close it as the Hanshi of the Independent Martial Arts School. 

Today was the final day of the Independent Karate School.  After forty years of teaching self-defense (in the form of Kenpo and jujutsu), it has had an immeasurable impact on thousands of people.   It’s the character building that I think about the most - it’s the memories, friendships, and achievements outside of the dojo.  Today is not a day for sadness, but reflection.  Over four hundred black belts, who now span more than 3 continents, came through this program.  Thousands of students have shared memories of learning in its halls.  It started small on Main St. Nashua before becoming the institution it is today.   I can’t think of another dojo with such a legacy.  The last command of the IKS was for 1 pinian, exactly as the IKS founders would have wanted.

The culture, people, lessons, best practices, and home it has provided those thousands continues on in the Independent Martial Arts School.  The three headmasters combine to represent over ninety years of training at the IKS, with additional training outside its walls in the United States Army, the United States Fencing Association, and countless seminars on both content and teaching. 

Today is a passing of the torch from the founding family to our family. It would be easy to wax nostalgic in a long blog post.  After all, in three and a half decades, I’ve racked up a LOT of stories.  Instead of telling them all here, meet me at the dojo on 138 Lake St, and I’ll tell them in person after class.

Today we say thank you to the IKS, and on Tuesday, we greet what’s coming next.

With the deepest admiration, respect, and appreciation I take this torch to continue to light others.

Hanshi Christopher Marsh

Independent Martial Arts School

Hanshi Marsh