Scholarship Fundraising Opportunity

Originally posted by Shihan Maistrosky

Those who are familiar with the IKS Scholarship Foundation know that we are always considering new fundraising avenues in order to invest in the education of our students.  The IKSSF board of directors is proud to announce a new venture, as we have been selected as a beneficiary charity of the River Casino & Sports Bar in Nashua. 

For a 10 day period from July 30 - August 8, a percentage of their gaming related profits will be donated to the Scholarship Foundation, as required by NH State Law.  We encourage all of our patrons to spread the word to their families, friends and co-workers to visit the Casino during that 10 day period, partake in a few of their games, and feel good that this action will help send one (or many) of our students onto college.  Thank you!

Sunish Oturkar